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Value-added numbers

Paydiallo provides you with several levels of numbers, according to the use that you wish to make of your services and digital contents. It ranges from simple customization of numbers (mnemonic number) to scenarios during the call of your users to personalize and harmonize your telephone reception, at your company’s image.

There are several pricings according to the services and the contents which you wish to make available to your users:



Logo paydiallo micropaiment monétisation site et mobile

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) & Digital Content

The rent of our interactive voice servers allows you to personalize the reception of your customers and offer them the most complex scenarios in record time. You can also rent our IVR infrastructure to monetize your applications: you then have access to the full flexibility and power of our statistical tools in real time. Do not hesitate to submit us your projects and we shall study them to bring you the best solutions.

We provide you with a catalog of products and digital services to enrich your website with personalized solutions and innovative means of payment (image / audio book / photos / music / games / videos etc.)..

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Logo paydiallo micropaiment monétisation site et mobile


The SMS + a micro payment solution that allows the user to buy to the act (fee-for-service) or by subscription to diverse services of digital contents via a 5-digit short number. This is for our editors of customizable value-added solutions to enable your company to communicate easily for the short or long term with your customers. (Fee-for-service or by subscription).,

When renting a type of SMS + solution you have included tools that let you: follow-up of the statistics thanks to a flexible, powerful management console which allows you to follow the evolution of your real time income and to manage your services in all simplicity.

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